New As OF October 23rd 2019!



To keep our programs fun and unique we will be rotating our classes every few months! Each class will be geared towards learning different skills. This month's class is guided by the book: Boundaries: When To Say Yes How To Say No.

Addiction and compulsive behavior is not just a personal issue. It affects families and communities in a multitude of ways. Prodigal's faith-based family support group is a place where you can come, tell your story, share your struggles, receive resources, be educated about specific addictions, and experience encouragement from others in the same situation.

The last Monday of each month is dedicated to addiction education


Family Support Group: Every Monday 6-7 pm

Addiction Education: Every Last Monday 6-7 pm 

Addiction Education Topics:

◼️November: Alcohol
◼️December: Opiates
◼️January: Meth
◼️February: Cocaine
◼️March: Vaping & Tobacco
◼️April: Marijuana
◼️May: Benzos
◼️June: Hallucinogenics